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My home is in the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona. Environmentally, it can be inhospitable with the driest of driest heat, yet it teems with life, as it is, in fact, one of the most biodiverse places in the United States.
I spend hours drawing in the desert where plant life allures and repels as everything is adorned with spines and hooks. It is this contradictory beauty, that’s both guarded and repelling yet fragile and beckoning, encompassed in the stillness and desert sounds. It is these things that I so try to capture in my mezzotints.  At the same time I can only contemplate as to how the amazing complexity of life here is going to survive climate disruption. We continue on creating havoc. All too often we humans do not take time to stop, listen, look deeply into this wondrous world, realize its miracle and the gift of being here
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